Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's Learn Together!

This is the first time I'm creating an iOS blog tutorial. If you have not read the "About Me" section, I am a Beginner iOS Developer. I have been working in creating iOS apps for more than a year now. I, myself, am a newbie but there's nothing wrong in being a newbie. I am here to learn, and if you are interested, let's learn together!
I am also teaching iOS beginner course in our university. I only teach the VERY basic stuff. And how I wish intermediate and expert iOS developers will also help me in sharing knowledge about iOS programming.
I will post what I have understood, and if you think I'm wrong, please do correct me (in a nice way), and I'll edit my post for the better of our community. Tee-hee!

Thank you! Please help me spread my blog! :)


  1. Hello Jenn :)
    Same here... nice to find this blog!
    Lets learn together

    1. Hi, I didn't expect someone to comment here. HAHA. Anyway, thank you and let's learn together! ^_^

  2. Hi! I'll follow your blog! :)
    Keep posting.